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Leonardo Bertinelli is an Italian Producer, Live Sound and Recording Engineer. 


As a sound engineer, Leonardo ensures the artist connects to the audience and achieves sonic perfection. With extensive knowledge of a vast range of musical genres, such as Folk, Hip Hop, Blues and Rock, along with his ability to provide the support and expertise his clients need, Leonardo is able to help shape the music to the artist's vision. 

Leonardo is experienced working in studio environments, concert venues, audio mobiles, log cabins, or on the top of a mountain in the remotest corner of the earth with a multi-track recording rig. In the studio, he provides professional music recording, music mixing and producing services, whereas in a concert venue he provides front-of-house, monitor mixing and playback engineering to cater to the diverse needs of each artist.


Leonardo was educated at Berklee College of Music where he studied Music Production and Engineering, and has mastered his craft working with musicians around the world.